Conventional energy production

Using energy sustainably and efficiently is a challenging task. Our customers benefit from the strategies and innovative solutions that we develop together.
The technical expertise of our employees and the integration of technologies and products from leading manufacturers are of crucial importance to our expert service.

Planning services

We are commited to providing our customers full support. Our teams support the customer extensively, covering all interfaces from the conceptual design to the execution phase. As an independent system integrator, we cover all interfaces. Cable management includes the planning of cable systems, cable support systems as well as the safety-relevant areas of earthing and lightning protection. In addition, we also deal with lighting and communication system planning

Project & construction site management

We take over the coordination of major projects at home and abroad by competent and experienced engineers. Quality and safety come first. As a system integrator, it is a matter of course for us to coordinate all interfaces and to coordinate with other trades in a solution-oriented manner in the interests of our customers. Through our own construction site management system ISYS, we are in a position to survey all processes holistically. As a result, a timely realization is always guaranteed. We are a reliable partner in the implementation of demanding challenges.

Cable management


Quality assurance


Construction site management




Maintenance & Service


Assembly services

We support our customers by achieving high-quality assemblies in all areas of the energy sector.
We have installed cable support systems and special constructions for well-known energy suppliers and industrial customers for many years. Our scope of service includes cable laying of different cable types from low to high voltage range.
High quality low and medium voltage cable assemblies up to 30 kV and high voltage applications up to 145 kV are covered by our standard repertoire. We use certified and experienced technical personnel for all installation works. To ensure of the safety of the plant, we provide for earthing, equipotential bonding and lightning protection systems.

Cable trays


Cable laying & connection


Earthing & equipotential compensation


Lightning protection


Ligthing installation


Fire protection



Our quality is guaranteed by many years of experience and expertise in planning, project planning and production of low-voltage switchgears. Our portfolio ranges from low-voltage sub-distribution to complex automation systems. Control cabinets for the plant safety as well as control cabinets for nuclear facilities in accordance with KTA 1401 are an integral part of our range fo services.

Acquired abilities in the production of low-voltage systems in the offshore sector are another part of our diverse range of services, which we intend to systematically expand and perfect. The high level of customer satisfaction in recent years speaks for our experience in the production of transfer and interface distribution, overvoltage protection distributors to the telemetry and communication system (SCADA).





Inspection & Commissioning


Lighting fixtures

SEAR has gained 30 years of experience in lighting systems which is based on products developed in close cooperation with the industry. Our practical approach is inspired by our customers. With ADEXX products we spare no expense on quality, but save our customers operational costs. Our state of the art products allow one technician the ability to install and maintain ADEXX products. Elaborate assembly or disconnecting the lamp is no longer necessary.


Martin Weiss
Head of sections energy production /
renewable energy / offshore

Sven Kühnemann
Head of section production