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The management of SEAR GmbH is presented.

Heiko Seefeldt
Managing director SEAR GmbH
Manager OIS GmbH

Born in 1964

Studied telecomunications engineering

NVA, Bundeswehr Officer, Supervisor at BSU in Hanover

Sales and distribution for communication equipment for Deutsche Telefonwerke and Siemens AG since 1992

Sales manager for Siemens AG Rostock since 1990 in the information and communication sector

Head of sales and industrial technology at SEAR GmbH since 2005

SEAR GmbH joint shareholder and managing director

Michael Schmidt
Managing director SEAR GmbH

Born in 1974

Vocational training at Siemens AG as energy electronics engineer specialising in plant engineering in1991

1995-1998 - Assembly work for Siemens AG worldwide

1999-2005 - Siemens AG construction site manager for small and large projects

Studied business administration on a part-time basis at the European University ILS. Dipl. Betriebswirt (ils)

2006 - Project manager for energy technologies, specializing in energy distribution

2012 - head of the Energy Distribution Department at SEAR

Since 2015 - head of the Energy Distribution Division of SEAR

SEAR GmbH joint shareholder and managing director

Since 2017 - CAO SEAR Polska