Research & Development

Investment in the future

Development of ISYS integration layer
for an interactive industry control centre 4.0

The objective of the project is to research and design a basis for new ISYS MES technologies for a new generation of control centres.

A new suitable surface is to be developed in the sense of an "interactive control center of the generation I4.0".

A technology which bundles and combines data and processes from the existing modular system is required to provide this interface with information and to acknowledge instructions.

Sponsored by:
Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

Joint project with:
Fraunhofer IGD

Sponsored by:
Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

Joint project with:
Logo Universität Rostock

Development of integrated production management solution platform 4.0

The objective of the research and development project is to develop an integrated production management system (IPMS), which combines the previously contrary approach in accordance with VDI 5600 and ISA 88/95, with the aim of meeting the requirements of industry 4.0. A new architectural approach should be developed to enable various forms of system configuration. Costs for system installation and customizing should be significantly reduced.

Information platform for the effective maintenance of OWTS parks should be developed

Growth core OWS-MV

Rational operation and efficient maintenance plays a vital role in critical cost factoring for long-term offshore wind farm use. A key problem here is in the development of universal technologies for uniform controlling and realization of all maintenance processes.

Efficient operation and maintenance strategies should be developed and implemented on the basis of a uniform and consistent data model. As a result, the corresponding expenses will be lowered by at least 25 %.

The joint research project (VP4) has aimed to streamline the operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms and to contribute to the reduction of the production costs for electricity. A central part objective is to integrate documentation and use data over all stages of the life cycle from planning to decommissioning. This is made extensively possible for the first time by the diversity of the partners. Ideal conditions for maintenance are thus significantly increased enabling another key customer problem to be solved by developing a largely independent sea crew transfer technology on the basis of underwater vehicles.

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