Social commitment

Varied support

Education and upbringing

SEAR GmbH is actively involved in supporting school education programmes and activities related to child upbringing:

  • support for students of the University of Rostock with scholarships
  • support for the faculty of electrical engineering student's council in the University of Rostock
  • provision of prizes in the faculty of mathematics and natural science in the University of Rostock
  • patron of the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund
  • member of the AfZ centre for vocational education and training in Rostock
  • implementation of pupil and student intern program (about 10 students per year)


Universität Rostock

Fachhochschule Stralsund

Sponsor for:

DRK Werkstätten Rostock


Lebenshilfe Braunschweig


Health and social care

SEAR GmbH supports the following organisations with donations among other things:

  • Charisma e.V. Rostock, an association for women and family, children and young people
  • Förderverein Hanse-tour Sonnenschein e.V. in the fight against cancer and chronic illnesses in children
  • SEAR GmbH awards a variety of contracts to recognized workshops for disabled persons, for example at Brunswick Lebenshilfe and the Rostock DRK (German Red Cross) workshops
  • The following measures were additionally implemented in the company:
    Introduction of occupational health management program: massages and exercise during working hours at work / cooperation agreements with gyms / annual health day / grant for visual aids for workstations


SEAR GmbH has supported the country festival Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern since 2005 on an annual basis.

SEAR also organized a go-cart charity race with renowned companies from Rostock and its surroundings in 2015 for the 3rd time. Funds for disadvantaged children and young people from the region were collected.

SEAR also supports various sports clubs and activities of its employees. SEAR provides its employees with appropriate sportswear and associated equipment for the Rostock city company run.

Sponsor for: