GE Grid

SEAR has been installing components for the DC transmission for the wind farm DolWin3, both for the onshore and offshore station (converter platform) since September 2015. The project is expected to be completed in December 2016.

Our scope of services encompasses virtually all assembly work in conjunction with the HVDC components. Gas-insulated switchgears are installed in the platform, whereas the land station is characterized by an outdoor switchyard.

The construction is composed of HV equipment; the components above the ground, the assembly of the converter and of the complete converter cooling system. The installation and cable works for various cabinets, including all protection and control cabinets are some of the activities we are entrusted with.

In the case of the platform, we emphasize our pride to have carried out the majority of the cabling including the relevant connections. About 230,000 m of cable were already laid and connected here, including a multitude of fibre optic cables. For the offshore sector, we are providing services for the sea-fastening.

As part of our project and construction management activities, we streamline several processes, many of them running simultaneously. During the execution at peak times, a total of up to 150 employees worked for the DolWin3 project.

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