Siemens AS

In July 2016, we started, after almost two years of preparation, implementing the project Western Corridor 1 for the customer Stattnett in Norway. On behalf of Siemens AS, we are constructing a total of 32 switching fields 400/300 / 110kV in four outdoor switchgears until May 2018.

SEAR GmbH is responsible for the primary assembly in substations Sauda, ​​Saurdal, Kvinesdal and Ertsmyra. We are responsible for assembling steel structures, high-voltage equipment, surge equipment and the connections to the overhead lines.

The HV / DC Northern Link is connected at Ertsmyra. This is the "Coast to Coast" connection by means of high voltage direct current cables to Emden in Germany.

We are charged with the installation and commissioning of 300 or 400 kV circuit breakers for the first time.

One particular challenge facing us is the application of "implosive connectors".  This method is known for its high-voltage connections, which are made (explosion) to withstand the extreme weather condition (snow and wind load) by implosion.

We are involved in three projects and are working with up to 40 employees simultaneously.

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